Sunday, 15 February 2009


In a week when Shepherd Fairey was arrested for his art, Damian Hirst's lawyers sent a letter with menaces to a young artist demanding monies. Apparently the young artist had made 200 quid on ebay by using 'Damian's Diamond Skull' as part of a piece of work. He was told he had to send the money he'd made to the multi millionare installation artist forthwith. I suppose in these financially straightened times when you're down to your last 100 Million, 200 quid makes all the difference. And the offence? Apparently the young artist put into a piece of his work the diamond encrusted skull that our Damian thought up a few years back. Now is the infringement on intellectual copyright using a skull, which means we should all expect a letter from those artistic and creatives souls, Damian's lawyers or that he came up with the ingenious idea to stick millions of quids worth of diamonds onto it and then ask for £50 million of the Queen's heads?Now I know which artist I would want arrested, don't you? Come on Damian pull the paintbrush out of your arthole.

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