Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cyber Terrorists

The site has been infiltrated by little Green Men. This morning when I tried to get on and Blog, agents from Bill Gate's office held me hostage and wouldn't let me write. Or perhaps it was The Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport suppressing any debate on the closure of Libraries in The Wirral. I have just got back from a national library supplier. We go back years. Two middle aged trying to save the world of Books. Sad as you like but we managed it. I'll post the plan later. Or perhaps we won't. Speaking of Bill Gates, did you know you cannot get hold of his address. His snail mail postal address. It is impossible. Anyway, several years ago when the cyber world was in it's infancy I deceided to set up an internet sperm collection agency and was going to ask the great and the good to donate. I asked if they could download three children's worth, you know to help infertile couples. I wrote to Bill, he owns a hill overlooking Seattle Lake. He didn't reply, miserable billionaire that he is. Other people who didn't reply.

1. The Archbishop of Canterbury
2. Prince Charles
3. Mr Dyson
4. Stephen Hawkings.
5. The Pope.

You have my permission to write to all of the above and complain. Just think what a better world we would live in if they'd just pressed send.

Hopefully I'll be up and running tomorrow morning if the cyber terrorists are not around.

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