Friday, 20 February 2009


The Moose awaits his invite for the opening of the new Central Library in Newcastle on March 3rd. The poet laureate will be there. A poem is being penned as we speak. Vol-au-vonts and peanuts will no doubt be on the menu and I'm looking forward to tucking my napkin under my collar. But the serious bit is the discussion I hope to start about libraries. And their importance. Libraries are now Learning resource Centres. LRC's.The new supermarkets for learning. A book is not a learning resource. That is a school. A book is a PEE. Yes the Moose has engaged the boy graduates who go under the moniker of, Managenment Consultants,' to research the book. And this is what they have come up with. PEE. It is goldust. A PEE is, a Prepackaged Entertainment Entity. See, all that money was worth it. LRC's should be filled to the gills with PEE. But libraries should be filled with books. When town hall Johnnies decide that books are the devil incarnate and the buildings that house them should be demolished, because Brian at the council can't add up with his new abacus, then we need to get angry and shout a lot. In these desperate times local councils are beig very opportunistic to attack public services. They will ask, 'is it better to keep an OAP home open or libraries?' Wrong question. Local Councils are are there to do our bidding. And reading is the start for all of us. Not everyone can afford to buy books. Libraries are essential. Don't let the Town Hall close down your library because its yours. Ask them about expenses and meals and consultants fees. And twinning.

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