Monday, 23 February 2009

Book Banned

The book world has been rocked to its foundations today when it was announced that a British Book has been banned from being launched at an International Book Festival. Stephen Clayton, author of The art of being dead has been banned from The Emirates International Book Festival.
Organisers say that the book is too sexual explicit and the author Stephen Clayton will not be asked to open the Literature Festival in Abu Dhabi later this month.
Literary Editors in London are outraged about such censorship. However, because Mr Clayton is not a journalist they will not filling their organs with comment about the book. Said the Literary Editor for one esteemed newspaper.
'If Mr Clayton had been a journalist in London then we would have been outraged and filled several pages with our concerns. But Mr Clayton is a writer and therefore doesn't merit any mention at all.'
Publisher, Kevin Duffy asked whether he was disappointed about the ban said. 'The book was never banned but we tried to jump on the bandwagon and get a few more sales with the whipped up news about censorship. I apologise about the duplicity. However, what does concern me is that nothing was written about the non banning in the newspapers because the author wasn't a journalist .'
And now. The Pope is Catholic and Bears eveacuate in the woods.

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