Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Buy a Guilotine Now.

The day hasn't started too well. An announcer on radio 4 has just told me that today is the Duke of Edinburgh's birthday, and so everyone in the studio stood up while they played God Save the Queen. What utter nonsense. This country will never move on until it stops its forelock tugging, bowing and scraping to people who through the lottery of aristocratic sperm, do nothing but insult foreigners and shoot corgis from behind the Orangery. It is my birthday in eleven day's time and as a shareholder in the BBC, I'm going to ask for 'Fools' Gold by The Stone Roses as my birthday song. I'll tell you how I get on. I will write to the BBC Chairman and see what happens On to more book like things. The Big Issue is doing a piece on Bluemoose, as is the online book reviewers Vulpes Libris. I will let you know when it appears, but here's the website anywhay, so you can get a feel of what they are up to.
Off to Southport to see if I can see the sea and go to one of my favourite bookshops, Broadhursts. Insightful and knowleadgeable staff , wonderful selection of stock, and there is always something different available that makes the whole book buying experience one to remember. Back with a stick of rock tomorrow. If I can handle the photo technology, I'll take a picture. TTFN.

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