Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Moose HQ has been alerted to another online bookshop, EDITOTUM. If you go to you can find all the Bluemoose titles on sale, which is a good thing, I think. Of course I want everyone to go to their local independent bookshop and buy books there. This is not going to happen and we have to embrace every avenue that sources our titles and the new delivery systems that appear. Yes, delivery systems. Delivery systems are de rigeur in mgmt speak. Apparently, cigarettes are now nicotine dispensing units. The atmosphere is an Oxygen Delivery Complex. You get the drift, so all stripey managerial consultants should be placed in secure units and fed once a day only to be released when they have signed a piece of paper which states that they will never, ever go near a white board or read a management text again. Ever.


  1. Ask them to put 'bluemoose' in as a word that can be searched for. Otherwise ignoramuses like me can't see, quickly, which books are published by you (presumably you didn't publish Cormac McCarthy...)
    I hope you received my chapters. I hold out no hope of a response to them, however, but I will keep writing, regardless.

  2. Lucy,

    Will do, and thanks for the info.

  3. Hi, I’m the MD, and I'd just like to say how happy I am to be participating in the Exclusively Independent scheme.

    I agree that visiting a good independent bookshop is the bee’s knees. So why are we online? Because I think that right now if you’re starting from scratch it's the right place to be. I hope that Editotum can find its own niche, and promoting great new books by independent publishers (like Legend and Bluemoose) is central to the plan. I believe that there is a future for good independent brick and mortar stores, and room for Editotum as well.

    Hopefully we'll be as far as possible from the sort of corporate rollicks you describe. It did make me laugh, as I love a bit of jargon. The reason I set up Editotum is to get away from all that. A man can only fit so many mission critical objectives on his mind shelf before it gets too much to bear.

    Anyway, I must go and facilitate hot beverage replenishment. Cheers, Chris

    Ps. I should say that at the moment it’s not possible to search by publisher on our site. That’s something we’re working on fixing. Sorry.


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