Friday, 26 June 2009


Yesterday was an interesting insight into two different ways of selling books. Ann Tortuga gave a great review of Gardneing with tortoises by P D Aspy in a magazine and it did result in some sales. Whilst at noon yesterday I got twittered, if that's the correct terminology by someone in Dorset. After several twitters, it turned out her dad used to live in Hebden, we had mutual friends and she owns a bookshop in Blandford Forum, Huckleberry's. After the twitfest, she bought a couple of books. The tried and trusted route of review coverage and then sales took over a month to produce a sale. The new technology route took ten minutes. As a technophobe, I have to hold my antennae up and say this new techno bookselling may have something to it. I am now going into a twittering bunker, obviously one with good reception. For now twee tweet.

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