Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Come Hither to Hebden.

The world and his artistic brother and sister are descending upon Hebden Bridge this Friday. The Arts Festival starts in earnest. Ruth Padel has pulled out, she seems to have gone from serious poet to serial resigner and is being replaced by Carol Ann Duffy. No relation. There will be jugglers on every corner, poets in the eaves and musicians marching out from every acute angle you can find. There is of course the sculpture trail. One year a friend told the local council that there had been some fly tipping in Hardcastle Craggs, only to be told that the gas oven,with a book inside, which had been left in the middle of the river was indeed a piece in 'homage to The Bell Jar and Sylvia Plath.' Subtle. Public Art at its best. As Keith Richards commented on the brothers Gallagher and their music. 'Boys having a bash.' Come hither to Hebden and enjoy.

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