Thursday, 18 June 2009

Harry Potter's Trip to The Bar

The Boy Wizard will soon be in the dock. No, he hasn't been handed an ASBO, but is being accused of plagiarism, or to be more accurate, his creator, JK Rowling. The writ says she's 'lifted' from the work of Adrian Jacobs, who wrote several Willy the Wizard books. Well, after doing some research I found out yesterday that the Muggles were taken from The Muggletonians. a group of 17 century English religious dissenters. They were pro ranter and anti quaker. Writing is all about observation and imagination. Can we really say we haven't 'borrowed' some ideas from deep in the subconscious? I think most writers are honest beings, apart from making things up for a living. Perhaps HP eight will be upon us soon. Harry Potter's trip to the Bar. The bewigged fraternity will be delighted and the boy wizard will have to be on his mettle when cross examined.

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