Thursday, 25 June 2009

Official Bolleaux

Worrying signs form the MLA, the government body that makes sure councils provide a good library service in the UK. Now, with the closures in the Wirral and Swindon in abeyance whilst a review is undertaken, the CEO of the MLA, Mr Clare, has organised a conference of Chief Executives from councils to talk about 'The Library experience.' What would they know? They have probably never been inside a library in an unnoffocial capacity. Mr Clare says that he's looking at a more, 'mixed economy,' with libraries. Jaysus H, libraries do not have economies. They are public entities and all this faux pseudo market nonsense does little to project, protect and promote what is an essential public service. In the present economy, Mr Clare, all the numbers you need to know is that there has been an increase of over 35% of people using their public libraries. Forget the jargon, besuited Latted and canape meetings with like minded market driven MBA Wallers. Libraries are essential for communities. Not just for lending books, access to PC's, DVD's and reference works. They are meeting places for all manner of groups and societies. Stop the rot and bolleaux and keep them open. Simple.

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