Saturday, 13 June 2009

Woebetide Days

It's gearing up for Arts Festival time, here in Hebden Bridge. The great and the good from the world of literature, music and the arts will be descending to show their wares, sing a song or recite some poetry. Carol Ann Duffy will be coming as will Mark Thomas. The earnest and worthy will don their cravats and ball gowns whilst the rest of us will smile at the mime artist in the square and look bemused at the folk singers. Street poets have their own poetry corner to rant at unsuspecting shoppers, whilst opposite litigation lawyers ply their trade offering compensation for those unfortunates who've been injured by a misplaced stanza or two. Overall it's a fantastic occassion to engage in something creative, and enjoy the works of others. It's like Lake Wobegon but less roll mop and more holistic pies.


  1. Hey, I've heard a rumour that Ruth Padel is no longer performing at the HB festival and instead it will be Carol Ann Duffy (any relation?) - do you know if this is true and whether it's still the same date, the 7th?

  2. Yes Carol Ann Duffy is performing, and no she isn't a close relation but somewhere down the Celtic line we must have familial connections


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