Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The chocolate fountain

Bluemoose Books didn't win anything at the Book Awards last night. Mind you we didn't enter anything because there seems to be financial conditions you have to meet if you're to be shortlisted. We didn't reach it apparently, so the Moose will have to forego the canapes and olives for another season. Canongate won the indy publisher of the year, and good luck to them with WHSmiths winning the chain bookseller of the year. As there are only four chain booksellers, it would appear that you win something every five years or so, but I won't whinge. Here at Moose HQ we celebrated getting through another year with doughnuts and a chocolate fountain. It was my youngest sons' birthday, so it was balloons and chocolate dipped goodies.
He 's fifteen but he and his teenage friends loved it. They said it was better than winning any prizes. I agree.

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