Sunday, 14 June 2009

I'm a Royal Can I Survive?

I will be announcing the Official Bluemoose Honours list next Sunday as it is my birthday. Queenie had her stab at it yesterday and it was disappointing to see the ex poet laureate accepting a knighthood. Literature and deference are not easy bedfellows, but as Mr Motion said himself, he wrote soome bobbins stuff as 'Hallmark Scribe' to the Royal Family. He was forever tugging the forelock and doffing the cap whilst polishing the official shoe. Sad days indeed.
Given the economic hardship we're all in, perhaps the Saxe Coburg Gothas could do their bit. What about a Royal reality TV Show, I'm a Royal Can I Survive? Get the whole lot of them on an island in a kind of Lord of the flies way, throw them a weeks rations each and see how they do. Last person becomes President and has to live on a state pension.With a global TV audience of billions, advertising revenue in the zillions plus premium telephone calls, the show could raise billions for the treasury. Right, where where is Mr Cowells' number?

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