Thursday, 4 June 2009

Get Booked.

The book world is in a bit of a tiz. The marketing gods at the Booksellers Association are trying to come up with a bit of PR gold dust. You know the kind of stuff. I love NY, 5 a day, that sort of pithy and witty epithet which will bring the book loving public swarming into book shops up and down the land. What have they come up with? 'Bookaholism.' I get the addicted to books analogy, but I'm afraid it does smack of a negative. 'Aholism's are usually attributed to addictions that wreck lives. And at a time when less people are entering bookshops, we need something that makes everyone smile whilst getting the messsage across that books are fantastic, entertaining and great value. Let us hope that the marketing beavers in BA HQ come up with something a little more catchy.

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