Friday, 5 June 2009


If I had a sex change would I be eligible for the Orange prize? Of course that is if I was good enough. Just a thought. But perhaps that's me being a middle aged man. I thought writing was writing. Genderless, but I may be wrong. I heard the tragic news that David Carradine died yesterday in a hotel room in Thailand. He could walk on rice paper without making a sound and single handedly wrought revenge on all those racist cowboys in the wild west. I was brought up an David Carradine. He was the acceptable face of Kung Fu. Bruce Lee was too violent for the small screen, so every Saturday night we watched him walk across California kicking ignorant men in their Chaps whilst dispensing Eastern wisdom. He will be sorely missed and I will now have to roll up my own rice paper and move on.

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  1. David Carradine's passing was indeed very sad. I had emails from friends all over the place, same age as me, mourning his passing and that of our pre pubescent flirtation with zen and kicking people in defence of the oppressed.
    We agreed that he was probably in the wardrobe with no clothes on and some rope tied round his bits because he was working on some sort of special 5 finger death grip. He didn't doubt his flute was with him somewhere, we didn't like to think where.
    Kung Fu was good, Carradine was good, we even forgave him for hijacking Bruce Lee's hopes of playing the role of Caine - hopes that were dashed because the TV studios would not cast a non american to play an anti racist. Oh the irony, except they don't do irony.
    And he was good in Kill Bill too I thought.


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