Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Hub is the nub

The Hubbologists at Waterstones are now stroking black cats, lighting candles at the back of churches and doing the lottery. The Hub isn't working. Wats HQ, those visionaries at Brentford, have told staff not take money for customer orders because they can't guarantee a delivery date. Now, I'm no distribution guru, but whenever a company completely rejigs their distribution, it takes at least 12 months for it t0 bed in. Ask Penguin and WHSmith. I'm convinced the Hub will eventually work but at the minute Wats have a staff that is undervalued, understaffed and unable to tell their customers where their books are. Whilst the stores are struggling to maintain any semblance of professionalism, thay are bombarded by nonsense from their managerial superiors. If they don't get it right in the next three months, they can waive goodbye to Christmas. The lights will not be working, shelves will be empty but no doubt management will find something big and juicy in the corporate Christmas cracker.

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