Monday, 22 June 2009

To Hesse, Hell and Halifax

I am reading The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs, an investigative journalist with The New York Times. It is a birthday present. It looks at how Nazi scientists and industrialists were allowed to enter the USA after WWII, embedding themselves into the into Americas banking and Industrial establishment. There's also a very interesting piece about Rudolph Hess and his peace mission to England. He was supposed to meet The Duke of Hamilton to sort it all out. The Royal family of course, were very pro Germany in the 1930's and early forties, and extremely hostile to Churchill and wanted him out. George VI despised his prime minister and there is some illuminating correspondence between Queen Elizabeth and Lord Halifax. Now, if all this came into the public domain, nobody would give a tinkers toss about the apprentice king and his views on building a New Trumpton. I think I'll fire off the odd missive and see if that will clear the muddy waters.

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