Monday, 23 March 2009

Avast abaft and Archer

Now, I'm not going to cast the first stone at our literary friend, the disgraced Lord Archer of Perjury, go on then, here's a googly, but why has The Observer given valuable column inches to him every Sunday in its last three issues? Yes he has a new book out, that's one Sunday's considered lit ed piece, but then the following Sunday we get a substantial piece on his love of cricket, literary content none, and yesterday there is another considerable chunk given over to him and his historical faux pas. And there was a picture of his new book plastered over the Archfest love in. What has he over the Observer? Or has his publisher Macmillan being wining and dining everyone at that independent organ at Heston Bluementhal's bug free cafe? PR nonsense, but very successful at that. Now Observer people, I know times are hard but you really are serving your readers short with stuff like this. With paper sales going through the floor, you're not doing yourselves any favours. I'm taking my two pounds and taking it elsewhere. That's one less sale, plus I will be telling everyone I know. That's two sales down the plughole. The future of the novel is in new writers not celebrity cricket playing disgraced peers. Now Mr Editor, can you find the clue in the word NEWSpaper? Yes, now get your quill out and do your job or tinternet boy will do it for you.

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