Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bluemoose and Custard

All marketing and publicity plans have been shelved. The way forward is the custard pie. Or coloured custard in a cup. It was wonderous to see Lord Mandelson of Guacemole being hit in the face with green custard. So the Moose has decided that to get TV, Radio and Press coverage all future book promotions will start off with ' a Blue Custard,' hit. All politicians take note. All literary editors of the press take heed. Mind you I might just throw custard on them all for the hell of it. Mr Tonkin gave a half a page yesterday to the new book by Lord Archer of Prison. Now our Jeff may be a fine citizen, though the courts didn't think so, so why does his 15th tome get all this press coverage? We know what fare will be dished up and that's not newsworthy. So, the first Blue custarding will be over Jeffrey Archer. Job done. Watch this space. Now I suspect I will be arrested by the cyber police for promoting anti social behaviour. They will handcuff my antlers and throw away the key. Free the Moose One. From Archer to Alcatraz, that could be Jeff's next book.

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