Sunday, 1 March 2009

St Bono

The BBC is having a love in with U2, which is newsworthy as they are the biggest band in the world, haven't released a record in 5 years and probably are the saviours of the record industry as we know it. You can also download their album for free from all manner of sites this week, which is a good thing. But you can't get away from two things when you talk about U2, and it's not the music.
1. Bono's glasses. Don't Bono, you're a middle aged man with teenage children. It's embarrassing for them and us.
2.You talk about aid and philanthropy but you don't pay your taxes in the country you live in. Ireland. You have some complicated set up in Holland to save you a few Punts. And you call for your government to increase it's aid budget. Well, matey it could do if people like you with mounds of the stuff paid what you should in taxes.Now, you've raised more money than I probably ever could, which I applaud you for, but when you get on your soapbox, I switch off. Whatever moral high ground you previously shouted from has gone. You are now some sort of accountant who seems more interested in his Dutch pension fund than an artist. Specsavers are doing a two for one offer, top up the pension fund with the savings. Plus I've never forgiven you for singing The Lords Prayer at Live Aid. Whats' God doing for the poor in Africa? Anyway, he prefers The Smiths.

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