Monday, 30 March 2009

Royal Engagement

It is with great pleasure that The Moose and The House of Windsor, formerly Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, announce the engagement of The Moose and Prince William. Their previous love was thwarted by the arcane rulings of the Acts of Settlement and Succession which banned someone dipped in the Vatican font from marrying into the royal family. No longer. The marriage will take place in 2010 and will be officiated by Sir David Attenborough. Dress will be informal, although any reference made to the Teutonic Couture House, circa 1939-45, beloved by so many European Royals, will not be appreciated. The Moose's Mother will not be in attendance having been shot by Prince Philip in the summer of 1976. She is now a hat stand at The Canadian Enbassy in London. All presents, gifts, monies and small countries gratefully accepted.
Thanks go to Jane at, for her pitch party yesterday. I've surfed the cyber blogging world and if I haven't managed to thank everyone who popped along to Moose HQ, I'm doing so now. Thanks.
Off to make the outfit for the G20 demonstration on Thursday. If you see any antlers next to Obama and Gordon, It is I, The Moose, reeking revenge.

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