Sunday, 15 March 2009

Grand Theft Shakespeare

I know there is that maxim, 'Those that can do, those that can't teach,' however, my youngest son came home on Friday, I won't mention his name a la Myerson, lets call him son of Moose. They're studying The Enlightenment, French Revolution etc and his history teacher told him that a good book to read, to give him some background to what was happening around the mid 17 Century was Candide by Voltaire. Inspired teacher. Now, there are lots of parents out there who can't get their teenagers to read books, period, but to get a 14 year old off games like , Pro Ev, or Slaughter and The Dogs,great band from the 1970's Manchester Punk scenes, gets the thumbs up from me. Perhaps the way forward in getting Shakespeare into the consciousness is to make it into a game to be played by two combatants. There's enough gore in most of Bill's ouevre to get the average gamers heart and thumbs racing. King Lear could certainly give Grand Theft Auto a run for its money. Now what is the bank manager's number? 666 6666 666.

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