Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Moose Project

The Moose is entering into a publishing project with the local high school and local authority which is very exciting indeed. The idea is to follow the progress of a manuscript from the moment it pops onto the floor of Moose Mansions through the editorial, typesetting, jacket design, production, printing, marketing and finally selling the book to high street booksellers and libraries. Students and reading groups will be a part of the whole process and via a designated webiste and weekly meetings will be able to conribute to each stage. Both reading groups and students will be given the task of, 'how they would market the title to retailers and library groups. Will the students use Facebook, Myspace and Utube? Where will reading groups pitch their ideas? It will interesting to see whether the students, aged between 14-18 will think they should publish a book at all or just have it as a download. The reading group are a different deomographic, they are aged above 44 years. Will they go for the standard book format instead? Once I have ticked all the boxes had the CRB checks and it has been decided I am not a menace to society, I will keep you posted. The future's so bright I've got to wear shades. As if.

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