Monday, 9 March 2009

Speaking in tongues.

I am just re- reading 'The Throwback,' by Tom Sharpe, very funny. Sharpe is up there with P.G.Wodehouse as one of the authors guaranteed to make the Moose laugh and titter. I am off to see those splendid people at The Arts Coucil today. The Moose has a project in mind, and I hope they will divvy up. Pole dancing and speaking in tongues doesn't feature, so I'm quite hopeful. If they don't, then my thoughts on how splendid they are might change. Fickle? I should coco.
The world tour of libraries starts again today with an event at Blackburn Central Library tonight at 7.30pm. Sandwiches and flask packed, bullet proof vests on. The public can be brutal.

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