Monday, 2 March 2009

The Moose is off to Newcastle tomorrow. I've been invited to meet Andrew Motion, who is opening the new Central Library in Newcastle. I have written a poem for the occassion. It is part of the Moose Rant about the closure of libraries. I've been having an online discussion with Roy Clare, the Chief Executive of The Museums and Libraries Archives. He's your man to see about libraries giving 'Value for money.' Mmm. Can't do that if they're shut Roy. Roy used to be a Rear Admiral. He knows a lot about boats so he was given the job. He already has a CBE so he must be important. I have ironed my publishers shirt and have looked up on Wikipaedia on how to eat a Canapes. I don't have a problem with pies and peanuts but you can bet you're bottom dollar the burghers of Newcastle have ordered lots of multi coloured food no bigger than a fifty pee piece that live on silver platters. I may even take a picture. I have had to fill in a CRB check for a visit to a prison in the North of England, and now all my poems are under national scrutiny, so I can't tell you what I've written for the Poet Laureate. What I can tell you is that it rhymes and follows the lines of Der der der der der der der, der der der der der. Der der der der der der der. Der der der der der der. There's money in this poetry lark.

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