Sunday, 8 March 2009

Bullet Proof Rushdie

I was reading in the press yesterday about a site dedicated to Sarah Jessica Parker. It had the fantastic name of and then there is and that got me thinking. What sites would the Moose like to throw out there into cyberland? Probably too many to mention, but there is one site that I might like to run. I was flicking through all the Salman Rushdie stuff about Satanic Verses and the Fatwah, I blogged about it briefly last week, and there is an uncanny similarity between Salman's smug photo that's produced whenever he's in the news and the enigmatic smile of The Mona Lisa. If you place one on top of the other, they are in fact the same person. Salman Rushdie IS The Mona Lisa. Perhaps that's why he's always on the news with his opinions. He is La Giaconda. He is in fact Leonardo Da Vinci. He is a character in his own Dan Brown novel. Salman Rushdie is Dan Brown.Now my webiste will be called Salmanrushdielookslikethewmonalisa
First I have to call the press, and then we can have Mr Rushdie placed behind bullet proof glass in the National Portrait Gallery. There he would be safe and the beauty for us is that he won't be able to write again. Ever. Now that's what I call progress.

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