Friday, 27 March 2009

Book Shifter

The Moose has been to Londinium again. Twice in two weeks. So it wasn't me who threw a brick at Sir Fred's House. Titter ye not. Laugh, my antlers are still glowing.I apologise to the CCTV operatives in the various Waterstones in London who witnessed a man in a big coat taking Steve's book off the shelves, you can't sell them there, spine on, and moved them onto the tables that were promoting, Cult Fiction,' It was I. I'm trying to make you money. It works, ask managers in the North. I am a book shifter. I am trying to knock up a draught that once taken will make me invisible. Or perhaps I'll read Mary Poppins again.
We're on the road again next week, so if you're in the Cambridge area The Moose and Steve Clayton, author of 'The art of being dead,' will be at Borders Cambridge @ 6.30pm on Thursday the 2nd of April. Steve will be doing a reading and I'll be answering questions on indie publishing. The event has been organised by Cambridgeshire Libraries and their reading groups. The Moose was born in Ely, which is just down the road from Cambridge but I haven't been back since I was 15, which is several moons ago. Steve will also be appearing on Radio Cambridge @ 3.00pm on The Sue Dougan Show, so if you can't get to the event, tune in, and listen to tales of derring do, life with John Peel, turning down Marc Bolan for the drummers job for T.Rex and listening to what Scott Pack at says is a 'brilliant novel from a significant new writer should be hailed as such.'
Off to find my young persons Chemistry set.

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