Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cavity Exploration

Our guest blogger at the end of the week will be the most powerful man on the planet, Barack Obama. The Moose had forwarded a list of questions to The White House. Yesterday was spent in the company of several large security officials, three pairs of latex gloves and a dog. Moose HQ was swept for bugs and I can confirm that none were found in the building. I have been given an orange jumpsuit and await further travel arrangements to an island somewhere in the Caribbean. The London Bookfair looms and hopefully we have someone there to sell the foreign rights for 'The art of being dead.' For a small publisher like Bluemoose Books any foreign rights sales are a boon to future publishing as we can invest monies that we receive, after paying the author his due, into books we have ready and waiting. Still no word from the two Johnnies, Messrs Depp and Marr. May I warn them that Barack's latex wearing friends are on their way to ask them a few questions.

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