Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Potter Mania

Bloomsbury have just announced that there will, after all, be another Harry Potter title. This news, coming as it does a day after the Wizard's publisher announced profits down by nearly a third, will delight the City and the millions of Potter fans. The final Potter book, a prequel called Harry Potter and The Magic Abacus will be published next year 2010. JK Rowling was unavailable for comment, but Nigel Newtown CEO of Bloomsbury said he was,' delighted that at last Potter fans had another book to look forward to.' Bloomsbury's shareholders too, will be looking for a bumper payout.
Barack Obama visits Moose Towers today. Security is at an an all time high and the Bluemoose CCTV camera will be loaded with film and turned on. If I can get the technology right, all bloggers visiting the site later on today will be able to watch The Moose take on the most powerful man on the planet in a one to one Basketball competition. The stakes are high. In fact The future of the planet is at stake. If I win then the Moose coffers will be overflowing. If BO wins, seven Polar Bears get a berg for life. I know who my money is on and the Polar Bears are looking distinctly worried.

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