Sunday, 26 April 2009

Review disorder

I'm off selling books North of the border tomorrow in Scotland and have asked my youngest son, Cal, to prepare me a CD for the trip. Road trip music. The excitement is already building. Hip Hop Dad. How sad is that?
I know somebody who loves the curry from the Westmoreland Farm Shop motorway service station at Tebay, and goes there every Sunday for their lunch. A round trip of 160 miles for a Jalfrezi. Now that's what I call a foodie. Her Carbon Curry footprint is somewhat large, but when you've found somewhere special, the Polar Bears are on their own. Off to buy the Sunday Papers to see what the book reviews will be like. I always get excited before the event and then angry when I read that they've all just reviewed the same books that appeared in The Independent on Friday and Gaurdian yesterday. I do suffer from PSRCSD. Post Sunday Review Coverage Stress Disorder. Well, here goes.

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