Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The London Book Fair

Down to the London Bookfair today. I feel like Jack going to market with some beans and hoping that one of them will be magic. I'm seeing Hannah Davies at 2pm, she is a journalist at The Bookseller magazine, the organ of the booktrade as they like to say. I will be ranting about this and that, mostly that. The Moose will be going on about ,'CELIBRITURE,' you know, all the Celeb Lit that's out there at the moment. I've made the word up, trying to be profound like Martin Amis. Trying to create a new buzzword that will stick and then I can make a few quid out of it. Then its on to meet an author to have a chat about his book and at 4.45 I have an appointment with Jill Hughes who's a leading light on foreign rights. We'll be talking about selling the rights to The art of being dead by Stephen Clayton. Hopefully there is some enlightened European publishers out there who will be able to see what a brilliant book it is. I know there is a French film producer out there somewhere who wants to make a name for himself. And just before I get on the train home I'm catching up with Laura Brudenell, PR to the stars who will be doing all the PR for Bluemoose's next book, Falling through clouds by Anna Chilvers. I will sleep well on the train knowing that a magic bean has been bought and all will be well in Bluemoose Land. By Christmas The Bluemoose Antlers will be lit up in lights.

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