Thursday, 30 April 2009

Those Damned Photos

The Moose has had to send a photo of himself to Hannah Davies at The Bookseller for inclusion in a piece on Independent Publishing and Bluemoose for the May 8th issue. This proved difficult. Being a computer luddite, my immediate thoughts were directed at finding the photo album but you can't fire that down the cyber tubes to London. So, I called for help in the guise of my 14 year old son. He found a picture on the computer and emailed it to Hannah. I can relax. Then I have a vanity pang. Mirrors I can handle, because there's only one person looking at you. But having your physog in a national magazine is different because lots of people will see it. And whilst you thought you were some George Cluny look alike indy publisher, the reality is, you're not. You thought you carried gravitas, but all you carry is extra weight. The greying and excess hair in places that hair shouldn't grow, points to one thing and one thing only, you're getting on a bit. No you're getting on a lot. And everyone will see that time hasn't been kind and gravity has been even tougher. Bah to pills and potions, I'll have a bigger cup of coffee, do a press up tomorrow and hope my DNA takes me to at least the end of the year.

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