Friday, 24 April 2009

The Death Of Celebriture.

I found an interesting article yesterday in The New Statesman. Mind you, any article that concurs with your own ideas, always is. It was written by Nicolas Clee, ex editor of The Bookseller, whose premise is, Celebrities saved, then killed the book trade. It was initiated at the Galaxy book awards when TV stars/Comedians came to the podium to present or receive an award and announced that they were writing or had been signed to write a biography for the 2009 Christmas market. Apparently a dull ache could be heard groaning its way around the auditorium. It's not merely the ludicrous advances payed to the likes of Ant and Dec, it's the time, energy , momentum and space that these book take up which leads to the stagnation of the book trade. In times of trouble I don't want to hear about the trials and tribulations of whether to choose between 'Crystal,' or Dom Perignon,' I want to be transported elsewhere by a book that has a great story and is beautifully told. Hackneyed Slebs yawning on about life death and the Green room, is not my idea of fun. Let's hope the public reaises that the future of books lies in the hands of new writers and not old comedians. Publishing for far too long has been forced through the star spangled stockings of Celebrity. Celebriture is hopefully on its way out, and I for one will raise a glass of Corporation pop to that.

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