Friday, 10 April 2009

Moose et Orbe

It being Good Friday I want to address the universe before El Papa rants on about condom wearage in Africa or some other such nonsense. Happy Easter, although as an annual event it does seem to charge round the calendar at will, it being the first Friday after the moon rises in the fourth equinox on a cold Tuesday after the parish priest has eaten a Mars Bar, or some such like. We had some brethren round from the JW's yesterday, a delightful but slightly nervous lady who was a tad breathless, but then if you're spouting forth the word of God, you would be a bit nervous. She gave me a leaflet and I got to thinking that the JW's artists must have all learnt their trade from the sets of HG Wells' 'The Time machine.' It's a kind of Mills and Boon meets Sci Fi happening, all very surreal and too cosy. Like DFS adverts set in your back garden.
The Moose message for Easter 2009 is.

Enjoy your Hot Cross Buns and buy more books.

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