Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Bard, Blair and Bono.

A day after the budget and it is now official. We are all going to Hell in a handcart. But there was some help for the publishing world. Hidden in the minutiae of 'The Red Book,' Alistair Darling announced that there will be a 17.5% Tax rebate for those celebrities who write their own biographies/novel and don't rely on ghost writers. Now, given this financial incentive will slebs turn to the Thesaurus or their Accountant? Only time will tell. I'm listening to the radio and Tony Blair is pontificating on religion, which is laughable. Now Pope Tony is joined by Bono, who has just been given the job of religious Op Ed journalist on The New York Times. Why do those people in power think that anybody will listen to these men, whose actions of late have made them morally bankrupt. Blair lies to the UK about the build up to the war in Iraq and Bono tells us to give more to Africa whilst slithering off the U2 accounts to Holland so as not to pay their alloted taxes. The Hypocrisy and Hubris of the serially deluded. Small minded men who just won't let go. Happy birthday Shakespeare.

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