Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Happy Boithday.

Greetings again. The man in the White House shares a special day with The Moose. Yes, we are both celebrtating our 100 days in office. He's ruling the world and I'm not. However, this is my 100th blog, so I'be blown the candles out and made a wish. I can't tell you what I've wished for, needless to say there is a Literary Editor with pins sticking out of him. Things are rolling on a pace re: foreign rights for Steve's book and hopefully there will be news soon. Our Foreign Rights Agent is in receipt of 8 copies, which she will be firing off to all points East. She has also shown an interest our next publication, Falling Through Clouds.
Bluemoose has come a long way in 100 blogs, Bookfairs, Library talks, interviews, Radio , TV all mediums designed to get as many people as possible aware of what we're trying to do. I will tell you once again. It's all about getting great stories, beautifully written into the hands of readers who are not afraid of trying out bold and original fiction. There, that wasn't too hard, was it?
Now, back to the Ceck.

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