Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The library and the tortoise

I was in Manchester yesterday and popped into the Central library. It is a massive rotunda of a building and was built with penny subscriptions from the people of the city in the mid nineteenth century. It is one of the finest buildings in the country and the councillors can't touch it, sell it off or close it. It is written in the charter that it belongs to the people of Manchester. Love it. However as the Moose was gliding through I noticed a leaflet, announcing Tortoise Day at Woodford Community Centre, so I popped it into my pocket. On the Moose backlist is a title called, 'Gardening with tortoises by P Aspy. It follows the trials and tribulations of Pip as she transports her 26 Indian Star tortoises, two parrots and a naturist husband from good old blighty to Spain and then France.There is an hilarious episode when a nun from the neighbouring convent pops round with the some Dandelion leaves for the tortoises and bumps into Pip's naked husband pruning. The book consists of letters written to her sister and they are very funny indeed. David Bellamy thought so and gave it a wonderful review. I gave The Chelonian society a ring, they're organising the event and Anne, who I spoke to, had been given the book for Christmas and loved it. Job done. Backlist hopefully sold and everyone is happy. Libraries, don't you just love them.

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