Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Moose plays Abba.

The Moose had a very productive day at The London Bookfair yesterday. Through a superior circular breathing technique I managed to rant on for an hour and a half without interruption. Although I didn't drivel and foam at the mouth, there were times when I did veer off and point several small but perfectly formed fingers at the Big Publishing houses for buying space in the high street bookchains. Hannah Davies was very polite and smiled in all the right places and I thank her for her patience and understanding, although I was unnerved at the bald headed/goatee quotient of many of the male attendees.
My next appointment was with Jill Hughes who specialises in foreign rights and has decided to take on our latest publication, The art of being dead by Stephen Clayton. She told me they have already had some interest from Sweden. Which is great news.I love those Scandinavians.
Bluemoose is proud to announce it will be publishing Dan Brown's next novel as a pop up, paper engineered, part work, priced at £2.99 a chapter. Orders are now being taken for publication in October.
I also bumped into many friends and foes. I talked to the friends and scowled at the foes.
After a hectic 8 hours at the bookfair I was looking forward to a quiet trip back home on the train. It didn't happen. Why? I was interrupted by a chap behind me talking to his girlfriend/wife about the toilet habits of their cat. The conversation lasted five minutes and I was not spared a single detail of it's malfunctioning sphincter. Now, I'm not a callous person, but its a cat. Open the door and at night, throw it out. It has fur. Nature has provided it with protection. It will be all right. He got off at Peterborough and from thence forth my return to Hebden Bridge was blissful. Today I await news from our postie, Gary. If he's singing along to any Abba tunes I will know that the Scandinavian publishing gods are doing their Thor like thing.

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