Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Stilts and Ducks

Hebden Bridge was invaded yesterday by the international duck race fraternity, as the town hosted its annual Easter Monday Duck Race. As befits such an event there were various people dressed up to promote all the fun and frolics. The Moose and a couple of friends were returning from having a coffee and a bun when we were confronted by two eight feet tall Easter bunnies on stilts. They nearly found themselves deposited in the river as the crowds pressed onto the bridge for a better look. However, with their excellent circus skills they managed to keep themselves upright and an Easter Bunnie massacre was avoided.
We went to see 'Fast and Furious' at the Pictures. If you like your films monosyllabic, action packed and with enough horse power to make Lewis Hamilton look impotent, it's the film for you. I did enjoy it, as did the family. I could go all Mark Kermode and say it was a 21 century take of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid but with different horse power. But that would be prententious wouldn't it? Back to work today to see if the Easter hordes have bought lots of books.

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