Friday, 3 April 2009

To the World and Beyond

Cambridge may have lost the boat race at the weekend, but there are compensations. The Moose and Stephen Clayton arrived in the unversity town yesterday to raise some cheer and enlighten both town and gown to the delights of 'The art of being dead, and what Bluemoose Books can offer. And that is bold and original fiction from a new voice that doesn't pander to the generic and formulaic styles subscribed to by the 'Bling' Publishing houses that reside in the metropolis. Steve was interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and delivered a bravaura performation. We then went onto The Borders Readers Group which is run by Cambridgeshire Libraries, and a lively and robust debate was had, as the politicians say. Some people didn't enjoy the book although they did say it was beautifully written and compelling. That is the beauty of what we're trying to do. All fiction doesn't have to be redemptive, because life isn't. Life is hard and difficult and can be enjoyable and uplifting. The beauty of literature is that if you want it in literary chocolate form, it's there for you in every 3for 2 section on the high street. If you want something that gets the synapses buzzing and disturbs the equilibrium, then The art of being dead is for you. It is a brilliant novel written buy a significant new writer who should be hailed as such. No puff piece from The Moose but the words of a publisher who used to buy all the books for Waterstones.
The Moose wheels are now coolling off for a while, the boots and shirt have been put away, Easter is upon us and now we await if The art of being dead will be bought by some enlightened foreign publishers at The London Book Fair. I don't believe in prayer, but the Moose Reiki machine will be pointing all points south.

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