Monday, 6 April 2009

Sense at last

At last Andy Burnham, the culture secretary, has decided to look into the closure of libraries on the Wirral. Previously the foresighted councillors had decided to close 11 libraries in a cost cutting exercise and the secretary of state, 'wasn't minded,' to look into it. He 's finally seen sense. In these difficult economic times it is heartening to see that library use has risen by over 30% and long may this continue. Here in Hebden Bridge we have just seen our library undergo refurbishment and it is now a fantastic space. It has all the tinternet stuff and is very user friendly. My only one concern is that there seem to be less books.
Let us hope that common sense prevails and at a time when that well loved species of Homo Sapien , Bankus Corruptus, is being saved with billion pound bailouts, libraries and library budgets will merit similar consideration.

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