Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sex in a tiara

I was really disappointed to hear that Transworld had confirmed my suspicions and were now committing all their eggs into the 'Brand Authorship' basket. Messrs McNab and McKenna have been given seven book deals because Transworld think the way forward in a recession is to build their Brands. Nothing about writing. Just their Brands. The ex SAS soldier will be writing two detective novels, two childrens' books, a one off fiction title and two books on big boys guns and yomping. Now I have no problem with Mr McNab, he is trying to get the best for his and his own, but what about Transworld and their vision for the future. Scary branding times. Their MD Mr Finlay did say they were still going to invest 'in new writing with one off fiction'. Ta very much mate. That leaves the back door open to independent publishers. So reader if you want great new writing don't go near the big boys because all the writing will be by Mr McNab and Mr McKenna. From Cookery to Astral Physics. Brand Literature. Go to the independents. It all makes sense. The biggest brand in the country is THE QUEEN, and we at BLUEMOOSE are proud to announce that we have secured a seven book deal with the head of The Saxe- Coburg -Gotha family. There will be 3 fiction titles, one on Dysfunctional Families, two on Canine Corgi Care and the last will be How To Have Sex In A Tiara. The future's so bright I'll have to wear shades.

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