Friday, 1 May 2009

Poetic Dead End

Andrew Motion takes off the Poet Laureate's cap today and passes it on to Carol Ann Duffy. Probably. She will be the first female poet laureate. Apart from the historical and traditional aspect of this post, I don't know what it adds to the world of poetry. Banging out the odd poem for Chazzas birthday, or when Queenie gives out a few pence of a Maunday Thursday doesn't really constitute a job. Now I know how hard it is for poets to get their work out there, so anything that helps them with their profile is a good thing. Although, speaking to my two teenage sons poetry has very little relevance to them. They listen to rappers like Captain Hot Knives. Popular music has taken over as the poetry for the masses and you can download it for free. Whoever becomes the new poet laureate has a lot to do if poetry isn't to become completely sidelined as some form of freeform jazz has in the musical world. Irrelevant, self conscious and self congratulatory.

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