Monday, 11 May 2009

Where is Stephen Fry?

I am looking for the Twitter Laureate, Stephen Fry. I have been led dancing and screaming along the twitter route. They say it is the only way forward for bloggers and Indy publishers to get their ideas and wares out there into the Cyber Universe. So I have succumbed. I have decided that I will spend the week tracking down Stephen and I if I haven't found him by this time next week, I will have failed. I want to know when Stephen goes for a curry. Takes his dog out. And then hopefully he will invite me to one of his dinner parties and then everyone will buy Bluemoose books because of my association with him. Are people that shallow? Surely not. But I can guarantee that if I do twitter along with the nations' favourite luvvie, the profile of Bluemoose will go through the roof and sales will follow. It's the economics of celebriture and I'm dipping my toe into it. Just a little. I don't know what the Twittequitate is, and perhaps stalking stars by twitter is not the done thing but I can see a TV show in the offing.
'WHERE IS STEPHEN FRY?' I can hear the theme music as I type. I will twitter John Lloyd and see what the chances are. I'm off know because I can here the Twittering Gods calling. What have I got myself into?

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  1. Welcome to the twittersphere: it is, indeed, a strange place (but good fun and as I'm fond of telling people: twitter connects!).


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