Monday, 4 May 2009

Bookless in Brid

I survived the trip to Bridlington and managed not to get buried, which is always a plus. Spent hours skimming stones into the North sea with Spike whose enthusiasm was unbounded. We all had fish and chips, an ice cream and weren't disappointed at the wholeasale tat that was on show. Lollipops in the shape of viagra infused penises were the confection of choice. We tried to smuggle one back into Hebden but it was confiscated by the border police in contravention to an arcane penile confectionary law dating back to 1615 when an outbreak of erect penises made from dough started a riot in the Calder Valley. Seven Methodists were killed.
The only bookshop was a publisher's clearance shop, but then with such other temptations who would possibly want to read a book?

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