Sunday, 31 May 2009

Cost per Review

It's me, I'm a cynical old Hector but is there a correlation between advertising and review coverage? Of course there is. In Yesterday's Guardian, there was a two page interview with Sarah Waters about her new book, 'Little Strangers,' and on the back page there was a massive advert for said book, with quotes from Hilary Mantel and Robert McCrum. It must have cost thousands. Now, this doesn't mean that because you're reviewed you can't have an advert in the paper at the same time but given that the advertsing sheckel is a much sought after coin it does pose the question, that if you had enough money to place an advert in The Guardian, would you also manage to get a two page review? Answers please on a postcard. I'm off to see if the same reviews are in the Sunday papers as were in yesterdays. It's a tiresome game I'm playing, but good for the spleen.Toodlepip!

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