Friday, 15 May 2009

Bono sings the Bible

Bluemoose can announce a world first. Bono, the lead singer in that popular ensemble' U2' will be translating the Bible from it's original Aramaic into Bono. It will be the first translation since the King James Bible translation in the 17 Century. The idea is to make it more accessible to the common man, and what better conduit than he who can save the world, 'Bono.'
The Lords Prayer, will now start, 'Bless me Bono for I have sinned.' A spokesman for God, the archangel Gabrial said that, 'God was very pleased with the new translation.' You will be able to download the translation from the new iGod, available from the Bluemoose website. The charge for downloads is free but a contribution would be expected or divine retribution will be swift. If monies are not forthcoming, Bono's speeches will be piped into your house, car, or office 24 hours a day. Heaven help us.

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