Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Twitter Ye Not

Stephen Fry still remains an elusive twitter. I've got to Bill Bailey and Eddie Izzard, but the twitter laureate is remaining hands free, so to speak. I've just read that classic novels are to be given the twitter treatment. A novel reduced to 140 characters. I thought that was what the blurb was for. In Hollywood you have to pitch your idea within a sentence. So ALIENS became. Jaws in Space. Hodder decided to reduce my novel, Anthills and Stars, a story of Hippies moving into the Pennines in the late 1960's to, Father Ted meets Chocolat. If the novels are to be twittered then the reviews will be even better and at last reveiwers can use expletives about some of the overblown egofest witterings from those angry young men of the 80's, who have new teeth, and have nothing new to say. Wouldn't it be great to see a review about a book that is not very good at all, that simply says, TTL SHTE. All very subjective of course but just because you've written something great in the past doesn't mean that everything else you do is in a similar vein. Off to Manchester to see what the Gallagher brothers are up to. Toodlepip.


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