Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Texan Standoff.

The tinterweb has been playing up this morning and I am sat here with hammer in my left hand. I think it is all to do with Twittering. Or my attempt to gain access to the twitter community. I have far too many passwords in my head and having a small brain there is cyber password overload and I'm firing off the wrong passwords into the Google and twiterspheres. Machines are logical, I am not. Andrew Motion was bemoaning the fate of authors' works being siphened off to the University of Texas at Austin. It seems they pay more then we do. If you'e a skint writer, you're not going to argue. It seems we like pictures more than words. We'll stump up the odd quadzillion for a couple of Titians that were found in the Duke of Sutherlands' downstairs loo at his pad in the Highlands. Ok they've been hanging in a gallery in Scotland. A picture is worth a thousand words. Apparently. I don't think so. Have you seen some abstract art? It's worth two words. They are both Anglo Saxon. And they rhyme with Damian Hirst.

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