Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Library and the Tortoise

I am off to Poynton today, to deliver 50 copies of 'Gardening with tortoises' by Pippa Aspy. David Bellamy loved this book and said it would grace his library for a long time. It looks at the trials and tribulations of Pippa as she moves her 25 tortoises, plants, two parrots and her naturist husband first to Spain and then France. One episode where nuns from the local convent pop round with some Dandelion leaves for the Indian Star tortoises and bump into Pip's naked husband Ed, pruning in the garden is comedy heaven. I have sold them to a lady called Anne Tortuga, who runs Cheshire Tortoises and they have their annual show in Woodford on Saturday 8th May. I have sold them on a sale or return basis. It could be the start of great things to come. An entree into the world of Tortoises nationwide and another way of selling this great book. Direct to the public cutting out the high street retailers and wholesalers whose demands for astronomic discounts make it difficult to turn a profit. I found Anne and the world of Cheshire tortoises through a leafelet I found in Central Library Manchester. Even with the the world of the tinternet, good honest snooping in a library found what could be a great outlet for one of Bluemooses publications.

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